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Warranty and Responsibilities

AusEquip and Tractors Pty. Ltd. is not liable for and takes no responsibility for the customers use of products purchased from AusEquip and Tractors Pty. Ltd. It is the customers responsibility to use products safely and responsibly and within the products working capacity. AusEquip and Tractors Pty. Ltd. their staff or contractors, do not assume consumers skill, knowledge or choice of tractors for which implements may be used with, and take no responsibility for harm or damage caused due to incorrect use or user error. AusEquip and Tractors Pty. Ltd.  takes no responsibility for the repair of any products rendered defective or damaged through normal wear and tear or incorrect use of the product.

By accepting delivery of any purchased goods, the customer agrees that the product is approved by the purchaser and in working order. No returns will be accepted from the point of accepted delivery. No returns will be accepted for used or damaged items unless a manufacturing fault can be adequately proved.

AusEquip and Tractors Pty. Ltd. provides a warranty against defective workmanship and, or materials for a period of twelve  months from the date of purchase. Warranty claims are limited to a repair or replacement of the defective item. Proof of purchase and adequate proof of the defect will be required and must be received by AusEquip and Tractors Pty. Ltd. within seven days of product perceived failure and prior to the end of the twelve month period from date of purchase. Faulty parts may need to be returned to AusEquip (Factory 4, 1265 Koo Wee Rup Rd, Pakenham VIC 3810) as part of the warranty process, freight costs each way will be paid by the owner/purchaser of the product.

AusEquip and Tractors Pty. Ltd. does not provide warranty on any cutting blades, tilling / hoe blades, rippers, scarifiers, tynes, tyres, clutch plates, and Post Hole Digger cutting bits. AusEquip and Tractors Pty. Ltd. does not provide warranty on any products that have been modified in any way. AusEquip and Tractors Pty. Ltd. reserves the right to determine whether the product is defective. AusEquip and Tractors Pty. Ltd. does not accept responsibility for any product, which is damaged in transit. No warranty is given on second hand equipment purchases.

Design changes and improvements may be made by AusEquip whenever the company believes the effectiveness of products can be improved. AusEquip has no obligation to incorporate any improvements to products which are currently in service or have been supplied. Product specifications are subject to change and it is the owners responsibility to ensure knowledge of specifications and safety for product use is known to all users.